Beginning With What You Have

  • Consultation and placement of existing furnishings to update and enhance.
  • Photography of before and after spaces.
  • Integration and placement moving fees may apply.

Conceptualizing DESIGN ICING™

  • Review architectural drawings.
  • Measured and scaled rooms with furnishing options.
  • Proposed design sketches may be presented.

Recommending DESIGN ICING™ Additions

  • Provide actual samples when available.
  • Furnishings may be ordered or may be available from the floor ‘as is’.

Developing DESIGN ICING™ Master Plan

  • Research, custom design, finish and furnishing specifications matching client’s budget as closely as possible. (Note: unforeseen costs do sometimes occur.)
  • Design plan to be agreed upon by written agreement, and any changes to the plan will also be by written agreement.

Management of the DESIGN ICING™ Master Plan

  • Order and track, schedule, inspection, delivery, installation, and placement.